Do you want to get to know The Holy Spirit? ?Then you have come to the right place!

Did you know that the Holy Spirit is the power behind Healing? Did you know that the Holy Spirit is the one who decided what Spiritual gifts you get? The Holy Spirit is more than just a nice afterthought that was given to us by God, He is actually the Spirit man of God and He lives inside of every Christian. I have included a video, a free podcast and some information below that will help you understand the Hoy Spirit better as you move forward don your journey.

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Getting to know the Holy Spirit

Free Podcast Teaching: Getting to know the Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit Video

The Holy Spirit

Mignon Shares on the Roles and Functions of the Holy Spirit in a Christian's Life on this short video

Who is the Holy Spirit?

The Holy Spirit is our main connection to what Jesus and the Father have done, will do and are currently doing. He is vital in our experience of God and His kingdom because the Spirit leads us into all truth. Without the Spirit's presence we would never be able to tell whether what we experience is from the Lord or from the enemy. This is especially important now in this season when the Lord is releasing all kinds of new revelations and heavenly encounters upon the church.

As Christians we can deepen our relationship with the Holy Spirit by inviting Him, personally, into our everyday lives. He always responds enthusiastically to our invitation because He is relational in nature and comes when asked.

The Holy Spirit desires to be our closest friend. He desires to share Jesus and all the mysteries of heaven with us. He longs to be included in all of our decisions, especially when they concern the Lord.

"It seemed good to the Holy Spirit and to us not to burden you with anything beyond the following requirements:” (Acts 15:28)

Without the Holy Spirit our picture and understanding of God is fragmented and not complete. It is time for the church to embrace more fully the Holy and unique personhood of the Holy Spirit as vital to our faith. We need to start everyday with a prayer that acknowledges and personally invites the continual presence of the Holy Spirit into the busy moments of our day. This has to be done a daily basis because we are building a relationship with Him NOT a religious mindset towards him. There is a difference.

Cultivating a relationship with the Holy Spirit will change your life and lead you to the place where you can stand and say in all faith- The same Spirit that dwelt in Jesus, giving Him power to do miracles, signs and wonders, does indeed live in me. I Speak more about the functions of the Holy Spirit in the life of a Christian in my free podcast teaching that is located above.

Prayer for more of The Holy Spirit in your life:

“Holy Spirit, I love you and I invite your Holy presence deeper into my life. You are welcome here. Come Holy Spirit and fill me with Your light, Your power and Your life. Remove in me what grieves You. Come, fill me with your presence and rest upon me, not just in me. Give me ears to hear you, a heart that desires you and a mind that is obedient to your every wish. Teach me your ways and guide me in all that I do. In Jesus name.”

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