Revelations 19:10:For the substance ( essence) of the truth revealed by Jesus is the spirit of prophecy ( the vital breath, the inspiration of all inspired preaching and interpretation of the divine will and purpose, including both mine and yours)

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Prophecy Videos

How God Communicates

A Short Video on 3 Not-so-Common Ways that God uses to try to get our attention.


A Short Video on how Seer Prophets receive communication from God. To learn more about Seers or to see if you have this gifting , check out my full teaching on Seer Prophetic Teaching Video Series here: VIDEOS

Free Podcast Teaching: Practicing Your Prophetic Gift

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Prophecy Basics

HOW GOD COMMUNICATES: The Gift of Prophecy for All Christians

As I said earlier, not every is called to the office of a prophet but every Christian can have prophetic gifting. If you have ever heard God’s voice or had a vision you have already have some form of prophetic gifting. WHY? Because prophetic revelation is one of the main ways God communicates with his children. All throughout scripture we see occurrences of people hearing God’s voice and encountering God or His truth and will in visions.

We receive prophetic revelation under the direction of the Holy Spirit through things like: visions, dreams, heavenly encounters, the audible voice of God spoken to our hearts, words of prophecy and of course the Word of God.

Prophetic revelation that is for ourselves is easy in the sense that it is all about God building His relationship with you- so the biggest issue for many of us is to just be obedient to what He is telling us about our lives. God will never go against what is in His word, or His nature so in other words He will not tell you to lie, cheat, steal or kill. He will also not tell you to intentionally hurt another person.

Remember that when you are just starting out, there could be times you may be hearing your soul or even the enemy verses God’s voice that is why it is so important to know God’s nature and His word.

When God is speaking to you about your life, He will confirm it either through scripture, through prophetic words that will line up with what He has already told you, through another person who reiterates God’s words etc. as well as what He is telling you actually comes to pass.

Prophecy is available to all Christians though not all Christians are called to the "Office" of a prophet. The office of a prophet is a calling and a position. You do not get to pick if you are a prophet or not, God is the one who chooses whether a person is called to the office of a prophet. If you are called to the "office" of a Prophet, the gift of the prophetic working in your life will be greater than the average person who just has the "gift" of prophecy. 

The office of a prophet is not an easy calling. It typically takes many years for the Lord to form the life, gift and soul of a real prophet. These are years of formation where the Lord fashions the prophet as His tool, often through many trials and tribulations, throwing out the dross of soulishness and imparting the fullness of the kingdom within.

A soulish prophet is a tool that can be used to damage God's people and their purpose, so God spends much time working on the soul of the individual prophet, to conform it to the likeness, inside and out, of Christ.  Real prophets carry not only the word and power of God, but also the nature of Christ. This "nature of Christ" being formed within them takes time and is a process that must be completed in order for the prophet to function in the fullness of their calling.
Scripture records two basic types of prophets - the Navi prophet and the Seer prophet. Both are true prophets, it is the way they receive from God that makes them different from one another.

A Navi Prophet is one who tends to receive their "words and information" from God through the spoken voice or the audible voice of God. This can be an inner voice or an outside audible voice. In other words, they "hear God's voice and instructions." An example in Scripture would be a prophet like Jonah who was "told" to go and do something. The Seer Prophet typically receives from God through Visions, Seeing in the spirit and their 5 senses. They operate with a high degree of Discernment though because they are prophets they also carry the ability to actually shift and heal what they encounter. Mature Seers can function in many different ways including: Read More about What A seer is and how they function here:
Seer Prophets

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