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Written Prophetic Words

April 25th, 2022- Quick word on Open Doors

Quick Word! Doors you did not expect!

For the last several months the Lord has been speaking to me about changes that are coming and the unexpected doors that are going to open. In fact, the phrase I keep hearing is – “I am going to open doors you do not expect- go through them and trust me!”

I originally thought this word was just for me but as the weeks have progressed, I now believe it is also for some members of the Body of Christ who have been faithful, especially as they have faced and overcome setbacks and hardships in the last season! If this is you, then my hope is this word will resonate and be a confirmation to you.

Even though we are in the midst of great upheaval in the world and in the Church, God still has plans for our good. His Divine Providence doesn’t stop when we lose our way or encounter tribulations. This is why it is important to keep our focus on Jesus and His word, no matter what is occurring around us.
Many of us are coming into a time of sudden changes and doors of opportunity. Opportunities that we did not expect. Changes in our lives are going to happen – sudden changes in relationships, jobs, ministries, healing, our level of favor & influence, etc. Much of this is to transform us more into His image and to reward faithfulness for the past seasons. Remember that God promoted Joseph even in the midst of his captivity so even if we are in a time that seems dark or stressful, God still works for our good watching over our individual lives.

Some of these changes will be surprising because they will appear to be “out of left field” and are not things you either considered, desired or pursued. They will be different than what you are expecting and maybe even hoping for, but God wants you to know that they are from Him. This is where He wants you to go and grow because He is going to shine through you in those places in stronger ways than you ever thought possible.

Because it is His will that you make the shift, He is going to remove the stumbling blocks that have been tripping you up. These stumbling blocks range from things like bad attitudes, wrong perceptions and behaviors to out-right physical attacks from the enemy.

Do not let yourself doubt or fear during this time but keep your eyes on Him through the process, stay humble and His grace will continue to surround you and make the way forward.

A note about Humility:
Something that is important to understand about humility in our lives as Believers is that Grace is attracted to humility like “flies to honey”. True Humility is not “lowering” yourself to nothing, it is choosing to be obedient to His will Over your own. In ALL things, on a daily basis.

Surrendering to Jesus on a daily basis and letting His grace transform our lives is key to maintaining our peace and managing the changes and trials we face in this life well.

I pray that as this season unfolds and the changes present themselves in your life, that you have Jesus’s peace, courage and grace to overshadow your every step!

“ As the Scripture says, What eye has not seen and ear has not heard and has not entered into the heart of man, [all that] God has prepared (made and keeps ready) for those who love Him [[a]who hold Him in affectionate reverence, promptly obeying Him and gratefully recognizing the benefits He has bestowed]. 1 Cor. 2:9
In Him,
Mignon Murrell

January 2022:

Prophetic Word for 2022
Isaiah 35:3-5
Strengthen the weak hands and make firm the feeble and tottering knees.Say to those who are of a fearful and hasty heart, Be strong, fear not! Behold, your God will come with vengeance; with the recompense of God He will come and save you.Then the eyes of the blind shall be opened, and the ears of the deaf shall be unstopped.

I don’t like giving out New Year’s Words and such because everyone who is prophetic does it and there are so many “words” suddenly released that it can be overwhelming and at times very confusing. Different prophets saying different things can bring the Body of Christ to the point of “does it even really matter?” But I feel it is important to listen to what the Lord is saying as we head into the New Year.

Does God speak at the New Year to give an idea of what is coming down the road? Yes.
Why? Because the Gregorian calendar is the one most of the world follows and the changing of times and seasons actually matter in the kingdom. The Lord will often reveal His purposes and or plans or desires for the world and His people at this time.

Does God Speak at the Jewish New Year Rosh Hashanah? Yes.
Why? Because that is typically the calendar that He follows and the changing of times and seasons actually matter in the kingdom. The Lord will often reveal more of His purposes and plans/or desires for His people and some for the World at this time.

Please note this is not a hard and fast rule but is good to note so we understand better the way the kingdom works and how things can operate. God is outside of time but in His great love and mercy, He steps into our time to encourage us and give us some guidance for the coming year we are facing.
As for me, I personally tend to get alot of information from God around these times when He desires to give it to me. I released a video word last year about what was coming for 2021. This word referenced many things including the division we are now seeing in the world around us. You can watch that word here:

As for 2022, I am going to share a little of what the Lord has told me that I feel is important for the Body of Christ. Now please understand that I believe God speaks to many of His people, not just folks with a platform of sorts, so it is my hope that much of this will just act as confirmation to what you have already been hearing from the Holy Spirit. This is just a few of the things the Lord has shown me personally that I felt able to release. I have put this all in sections for easier reading.

Change, change, change:
There are many changes on the horizon. Many of these changes are going to occur quickly and will affect various areas of lives especially in regards to new laws, new people, new jobs and new opportunities. For many this is going to be a season of new doors opening and opportunities that you did not expect. For others it is going to be a time of reckoning. New opportunities mean you will have to make some different decisions so be sure you include the Lord in your decisions. More people will be leaving your life suddenly as the Lord balances out who can go with you and who can’t. Stay in a place of peace and grace on this and let them go. God has better people and plans coming for you.

New voices arising in the body of Christ:
The Lord is going to be raising voices and NEW voices in this season who have been through the ringer so to speak and have been found faithful to share the truth during this next season. The Lord is going to harden and strengthen these voices against difficulties and defense so they will speak the truth without compromise or fear of men’s reactions and words. God is going to enable these voices to soar and see higher the work that He is doing and He is going to magnify and expand their platforms. These voices will be filled with His fire but also with His grace. Many of the words they will share will be difficult for the world to hear but they must be shared because they carry the Truth that brings freedom. It is important that these voices STAY THE COURSE that God has laid out for them and not compromise or they will be removed. We need to remember as a body that Jesus never backed down from sharing the truth, even when the crowds wanted to kill him for it. Much of the confusion and identity crisis we see today is because the truth that sets one free is being silenced. This is going to change and continue to change as we head into 2022.

Media being dealt with:
The Lord is going to be “washing away” many in the media this year. In fact, I actually think some of this has already begun but we will see more of it as the year progresses. This is a good thing for everyone on the planet but especially in America.

More exposure is coming on many levels in the: Government, the Church, sex crimes industry, in regards to Covid, the judicial system, secret agendas and more. We will see many more well-known people in various industries and segments of life begin to fall who have been hiding agendas and doing secret deals. God is going to be revealing who and what is behind the scenes and it is going to be made plain for everyone to see. Expect to be surprised on some of this as well as relieved.

Restoration & Landslides:
This will be a season of Restoration for many in the Body of Christ. In fact, the Lord said there were going to be many “landslide” victories coming this year for His people. His people are going to have their “say and day” in court and they are going to see a season of quick turn arounds in regards to dilemmas and issues moving to their favor.

Going Home:
We are going to see some well-known folks in the Body of Christ go home this year. Some of this will appear shocking to the Body of Christ or rather sudden. We all need to pray for grace and not throw judgment in regards to it.

More Outcry:
In America we will see more outcry coming from the people in regards to the changes that are coming and are proposed. People will continue to wake up to false agendas as the effects hit closer to home. School systems are going to be an area of increased outcry and the battle for States rights is going to come to the forefront as the year progresses. Intercession for these areas needs to continue.

Government & COVID:
Biden will fall. The Lord did not show me exactly how this is going to happen, in fact, I was actually surprised to hear this. I know there are many who are saying the Trump is coming back before 2024. I know God is not done with Trump just yet but He has not told me personally that a “coup” of some sort is going to happen. If Biden falls that would typically place Harris in his place. Again, this is an area where intercession is truly needed. We will see more democrats begin to move against their party’s agenda. There will be new variants of COVID released because the end goal is to create a passport system and they need the fear of this disease to enact that system but the Lord is going to reduce the severity of the new strains.

Let Justice Roll:
As I said earlier, this is a year of restoration for those who have been faithful. For those who have not and have not repented, it is also a year of reaping the consequences and recompense for their actions. Declarations have been made in Heaven and verdicts have been released -guilty or not guilty. Justice is going to roll and it will start at the top, in the world and the church and work its way all the way down into our everyday lives. The time for compromise is over. If you have areas in your personal life of sin and or compromise that you have been letting linger, I encourage you to get right with God about it right now. That feeling you have been having of the “time of grace in that ending for you soon” is correct.

Raising up the Body of Christ:
There has been and will continue to be a lot of purifying for the body of Christ. God is removing the restrictions within His people and on His people in many ways and is raising up the Bride to the right place- a praying place and a mature place. A place of greater visitation with Him in our homes, our churches, communities and relationships. The Body will shine brighter and brighter in the days ahead as she takes her place in the plans and purposes of God without alternative agendas and such. Wisdom is going to be highlighted in the days ahead and the Body is going to learn how to better access the wisdom of God that is needed for their particular circumstances. Knowledge is knowing what “is” happening in a specific situation but Wisdom that comes from God is knowing exactly the right thing to do about it. God is calling us in this year to walk day by day with Him and moment by moment. Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. It is not a time to fear, it is a time to believe. While there is still some contention ahead for the Church the Lord showed me that we are headed to Isaiah 35. I have posted a few parts of it here below.

Isaiah 35:8-9
And a highway shall be there, and a way; and it shall be called the Holy Way. The unclean shall not pass over it, but it shall be for the redeemed; the wayfaring men, yes, the simple ones and fools, shall not err in it and lose their way.No lion shall be there, nor shall any ravenous beast come up on it; they shall not be found there. But the redeemed shall walk on it.

Regardless of changes and “words” that are being released there is one truth that we all need to remember. God is still on His throne; He still rules over everything and His plans for us are always good. I encourage you to take some time as 2022 unfolds and spend more time in Jesus’s presence seeking His face. He has specific plans for you and is the One who makes your paths straight no matter what you may face. In This New Year, I pray His Grace, Mercy & Peace, overshadow your every step.
In Him,
Mignon Murrell
From Water into Wine

November 3rd, 2021

Hello friends:

Did you feel it? The season has shifted! For the past few weeks, the Lord has been speaking to me about the changes that are happening and are still to come. There have been many words recently released that speak to this so I have refrained from re-iterating the same points and speaking on things until the Lord asked me to.

Last week the Lord spoke and told me that the Body of Christ is coming into a season of quick turn arounds. This season is also going to include some victories that we did not expect. The resistance has been difficult so the Lord is also going to be lifting off some weariness that we have been under as well as bring some moments of needed refreshment into our lives.
He also told me that for some of us, the changes you need are going to start small but they will pick up speed so don’t lose heart.

The truth is that for many of us, we have become so focused on the battles that we are facing, we have lost sight of the fact that God is actually about wining our war. Everyone who has ever been in a combat knows that battles will happen but the point is not the battles so much as them adding up to win the war. God is about the long-range picture with us in this season. To not just win a battle here and there, (one step forward, one step back per say) but to actually move us forward to win the war we are facing personally, as a church and as a country.

Much of what we have been facing has been allowed to show us the truth of what has been hidden that has been subverting us from within. We have been allowed to see the truth on many levels including our hearts and to make different choices, repent and change direction. Again, this is because God is after the long-range picture with us and in reality, this is a grace for the people of God.

This is actually a season of promotion as well and we will see a “changing of the guard” in many areas as we move forward in the coming months. There are many soulish voices in the prophetic community right now that will not be here in a year as the Lord shifts assignments and continues to purify His bride.

Somethings to watch for:

  • - Changes in leadership in the country at local, state and federal levels.
  • - Changes in the voices the church listens to and follows for direction.
  • - Sudden changes in our personal lives and situations that have been holding us hostage or in limbo.
  • - God speaking to us more directly about the changes and decisions we may still need to make in our personal lives in order to win the war.

On a personal note, if you haven’t already, I encourage you to really set aside some time this month to check in with God about where you are with Him at the moment and ask for His perspective.

As we move forward in this season of turn arounds, it is still very important to keep our eyes on Jesus and what He is desiring to do across the board in our hearts, our lives and our country. Celebrate and keep your eyes on Him and not the distractions and fear that is trying to steal your attention. Rejoice as you watch the Turn Arounds Begin!

In Him,
Mignon Murrell

May 4th , 2021

Word: Season of Surprises

The Lord spoke with me a few days ago about what is coming up in this next season for the body of Christ. I am going to be releasing a video where I go into more detail about it but I wanted to share a little of it here.

As I said in my post in February, I am a direct but encouraging person when I share my words because that is how God is with me -direct but encouraging. Please note that I only share what God gives me directly- and I only share them when He releases me to do so.

The Lord said this is going to be a Season of Surprises!

1) Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!
The Lord has Surprises coming for the Body of Christ. God is going to start moving in surprising ways we do not expect- in fact He said- People do not have any idea what is coming as far as incredible things the Lord is going to be doing especially for His bride as she steps out in faith. This is not a time to hide, this is a time to Go, Go, Go forward and watch as God shows off His glory and goodness in your life. God is making a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert for His people.

2) Season of Flipping:
God is going to be flipping outcomes, plans and agendas for His body as well as in the nations. I have had this word in the spring as well but God is really emphasizing it right now. Expect things to be flipped into your favor -This is a big deal because it is not going to be by our doing but by His. It is also a part of some of the surprises He has coming.

3) Wrath:
The Lord says that He is going to start pouring out His wrath on those things that have been working in the dark. Those who have been working in the darkness to bring about dark plans and agendas are going to be revealed and God is going to deal with them. (Judgment, going home, etc) Jesus came to bring the whole world into reconciliation with God which means we are under Grace but it is still our choice to receive that grace or not.

God does bring His judgment against the works of the enemy that are still prevalent in our world. Divine wrath has to do with God’s holiness and His justice. Many have lost a lot in this past season, loved ones, jobs, peace, faith and such and the outcry to God is not being ignored. God is the only on who has a real right to take vengeance on those things that have been plaguing us. God is the one who decides the “When, How and Who” when it comes to pouring out wrath and recompense because we belong to Him and it is HIS RESPONSIBILITY to take care of us. This is includes payback to the enemy for what he has stolen and is trying to steal. In Romans 12:18-19 it says:

“ If it is possible, as much as depends on you, live peaceably with all men. Beloved, do not avenge yourselves, but rather give place to wrath; for it is written, “Vengeance is Mine, I will repay,” says the Lord. “

One of the important truths to note in this verse is: give place to wrath. This means that God has already assigned a place in our situation for His wrath to work on our behalf. If we try to take vengeance ourselves we are in essence stealing or circumventing the provision that God has already made for us to handle our situation. Our job is to live as peacefully with all men as we are able.

4) Secrets being Revealed:
Even though there has been a lot of revealing of background agendas and such going on, even with people in our lives and their hidden deeds and agendas being revealed, there are still some secrets that have not been revealed. There are some secret government projects that are going to come to light that have been hidden.

5) Changes in Governments:
We are going to see even more shifting in world governments. Two specifically mentioned were Germany and Iran. Iran currently has the highest underground church growth of any nation.

6) Shaking Continues:
The shaking we are feeling is going to continue and we will see increases in things like food shortages (it is wise to prepare extra supply for your own personal & family needs), weather related issues, financial issues, illness and such. It is important that we understand that God is shaking down everything that can be moved within our society to get to the core and expose the truth. His people are covered when they listen to His Spirit, pray and flow in obedient Faith. God is the protector and provider of His people. As the world shakes this includes shaking out all fear from His children. God’s kids are going to shine bright in this season and many souls are going to come into the kingdom because they will see a True version of what it looks like to live in a kingdom that cannot be shaken. EVERYONE who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved!

7) Don’t let your hearts be heavy:
God has not called us to be depressed nor has He given us heavy hearts. He has a plan that is still unfolding so we need to be patient. Jesus is our Goshen in the midst of any trial we face. As long as we choose to stay in Him, trusting in Him, we will be able to navigate safely through what may feel like an un-safe place. Don’t let your emotions, the news, propaganda or even other people’s negative reactions pull you out of your place and peace in Him.

We are called to be salt & light to a world that is in desperate need of both. This season will see God doing incredible things on our behalf if we choose to rest, trust and flow in Him.

“But Jesus looked at them and said to them, “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”- matt 19:26

In Him,
Mignon Murrell
From Water Into

February 2021:

This morning I was speaking to the Lord about the season the Church is in and He spoke a few things that I thought I would share for those who are interested.
First, If you really know me you know I ONLY share what God tells me nothing more and nothing less. To do otherwise is unwise and invites the enemy. I know the difference between my opinion and God's when He is speaking to me. His ways are not our ways and often when He speaks to me it takes me time to process what is being said before I understand and, at times, even agree with.

I know many prophetic people give lengthy words where they quote a thousand scriptures and make flowery poetic type statements when the word they received is actually very short. I am not one of those of people - I am direct. Encouraging but direct because that is how God is with me - Encouraging and direct. Having said that, here are some direct but encouraging words that I received.

1) Changes: We are in a season of great changes right now. Life as we have known it is going to change, in some ways very drastically. I have actually been saying this since about mid-last year in all of the video words I have released about what has been happening but God has been highlighting it to me very strongly in the last few months. While this sounds bad on the surface (especially if we are looking at the current laws being passed and the pandemic lockdowns still dragging on) not everything God is bringing to an end is going to be bad. However there will changes where we will have to make a decision on how we proceed in our own lives and we will need His guidance for it. A key to help is to remember that this is a year where as long as we stay in Him, He is going to flip things, people and circumstances to our favor. No matter what it looks like.

2) Don't fear what they fear: God is about to move in some pretty miraculous ways in the next few months, ways we do not expect. We need to remember that as a people we are not called to fear -no matter how much those in authority want you to. The fear of the Lord - which is the Awe of the Lord and His holiness- is the only fear you are ever supposed to have.

IS. 8 :11-13 For in this way the Lord spoke to me with His strong hand [upon me] and instructed me not to walk in the way of this people [behaving as they do], saying
“You are not to say, ‘It is a conspiracy!’
In regard to all that this people call a conspiracy,
And you are not to fear what they fear nor be in dread of it.
“It is the Lord of hosts whom you are to regard as holy and awesome.
He shall be your [source of] fear,
He shall be your [source of] dread [not man].

3) Trump: God is not finished with him yet and there is still work going on behind the scenes. If you don't like that statement - take it up with Jesus. Like I said, God's ways are not our ways and He is able to use whomever He wants including you. I am sure at some point in your life you have had some detractors who didn't like God using you as well. God is not done with the government here in America no matter what we may be seeing. If you are unhappy about things here politically, the best thing you can do is go to God directly and seek His face and Will on the subject. In the end He will have His perfect way, no matter how long that takes.

4) Focus: It is time to focus on praying for Hearts to be turned to Jesus and for minds to be renewed into His thinking - in the Church FIRST then the world. God's mind and heart are brilliant - He sees all and He is the only one who has the actual power to change hearts and perceptions. He is building up the Church in order to expand and bring the Kingdom to earth. If we want to bring the kingdom we have to have His mind and His heart- not one or the other but both together. The Logs need to be removed from our own eyes before we can help the world remove theirs.

5) Power: Power is coming to the American Church again. All of the shaking and washing of the Bride has a purpose. The Church will be a powerful force to be reckoned with in the World, not a political nuisance to be ignored or endured. There is a difference.
Ask Jesus to show you the difference.

6) Rest, Trust & Believe in Him in this season: Keep your faith strong, your eyes up, and your love active and you will navigate everything that is coming this season without losing your peace.

7) Truth and love go hand-in-hand: We are called to express the truth in love and we are able to do both in this season . You don't have to choose one over the other. It is religion and or/fear that tells you differently.

Now on a personal note, many people are calling for the church to go higher in this season but very few are saying "how" the church can go higher. A real key that God has taught me in this is that in order to go higher in Him, it's not about striving or putting in more effort. It's about Surrender - Surrendering to who He is for us, what has done for us and what He will do. When we surrender our wills, ways and agendas (humility), it blocks the enemy's resistance in in our lives and allows God to bring the grace, truth and correction that we need. Surrender actually lifts us up in the Kingdom.
My prayer for you in this season is that Your intimacy with the Father will grow and that His peace will overshadow your every step.

In Him,
Mignon Murrell
From Water Into Wine

12/04/20: Light is Driving Out Darkness

Hello Everyone:

What an incredible year 2020 has been! I wanted to take a moment to recap, give some encouragement and remind everyone where we are heading.

First, I want to say that God is not slow in the process He is doing here in our country or with us as individuals. He is always on time because He is outside of time controlling everything.

Many have grown weary of this year due to all of the challenges that have been occurring in their personal lives as well as in the church and nation as a whole, The Lord Jesus Christ wants you to know that He loves you and in December the best thing you can do is keep your eyes on Him and your hearts at Rest in Him.

As I mentioned back in September, we are currently in a season of shifts and many things are changing. I have received many stories from people who are going through shifts in their personal life as well as the shifts we are seeing currently in the country. I also mentioned in my word released in July that a lot the changes that are happening are because God is looking to restore the foundations, in this country as well as in the church. 

One of the things I said back in
July was that in addition to God exposing the truth of Sex trafficking and Racism, the next thing we would see God reveal was corruption in the government. In September I warned that there was going to be fraud in the election. We are now seeing these things begin to come to the surface because God is dealing with deception.
You can see/read both of these words here at this site:

God hates Deception because it is a Lie used to cover wickedness, corruption and wicked hearts.

Enemies disguise themselves with their lips, but in their hearts they harbor deceit. Though their speech is charming, do not believe them, for seven abominations fill their hearts. Their malice may be concealed by deception, but their wickedness will be exposed in the assembly. Proverbs 26:24-26

God hates deception and lies because they have the power to destroy souls and block eternal life. Have you recently been made aware of deception going on in or around your life? Has God been revealing to you more the states of your heart and the hearts of those around you?

Deception is being rooted out of every place right now and brought to the surface, not just in our country but within our own personal lives as well.
It is important that we understand what is happening in this season and the reason for it so we can be in agreement with God for what He is currently doing in our lives as well as the nation and we don’t lose heart or find ourselves fighting against it.

Having deception and corruption brought to the surface is a good thing, no matter how hard it is to take because it means that God is shinning His Light In order to drive back the darkness. He is doing it in order to bring forth Truth, Healing and Righteousness.

On a personal note, shortly after God told me He was going to be dealing with deception and revealing hearts in this season, I had my own personal encounter with deception being revealed against me. As painful as it was, I did not fight it. I lost a good friend but Jesus brought the deception into the Light in order to remove it as a threat and correct weak areas in me that needed it so that I could move forward in truth into this new season.

This is a season to celebrate the Light; not stumble in the darkness. God is shinning His Light, in our Lives, the Church and in our Nation and the Darkness will NOT overcome it.

Jesus is the Light of ALL men and He is the one who illuminates the truth for us.

In Him was Life, and the Life was the Light of men. And the Light shines on in the darkness, for the darkness has never overpowered it. [There it was—the true Light [coming into the world [the genuine, perfect, steadfast Light] that illumines every person. (John 1: 4-5,9)

As we go through December, I encourage you to celebrate the Light and Truth of Jesus birth with your loved ones and keep your eyes on Him. Trust that He is working His plan out for your life and our country.

I encourage you to lay down any anger, fear or anxiety you may be feeling and let the Peace of Christ rule in your hearts. Allow the Joy of Who He is and what He is doing in your life to be your strength.

God has good plans for you and our Nation. Keep your focus up onto Him, celebrate and rest in His ability to keep you as you move forward in this season.

From all of us at From Water Into Wine we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

In Him,
Mignon Murrell
From Water Into Wine

Word of Encouragement :

Hello Everyone:
I wanted to share some encouragement with you. As I mentioned back in September, we are currently in a season of shifts and many things are changing. I have received many stories from people who are going through shifts in their personal life as well as the shifts we are seeing currently in the country. I also mentioned in my word in July that a lot the changes that are happening are because God is looking to restore the foundations, in this country as well as in the church.
The election has many people in fear about the future BUT we need to remember that as things continue to unfold in our country that we are a people who are truly beloved by God in Christ Jesus and we are not called to fear. We are STILL called to be the Light and still called to Shine His love to one another no matter how we may feel at the moment.
I said back in September that there was going to be some issues with election fraud. This is why I encouraged everyone to pray for all corruption to be exposed. We are now seeing this happen. I believe God is allowing this because He is exposing corruption. In the future, we are going to start seeing some deep secrets exposed that have been hidden. Some of these will be difficult for us all to take but it has to happen in order for true cleansing, uprooting and healing to take place. God is shaking things down to the root not only in our nation but also in our churches, personal lives and hearts as well.
We need to agree with the process God is doing and allow things to unfold on His schedule. As these secrets come to light, bricks (people, plans and agendas) are going to begin to fall on all sides of the aisle. As I have said before, the best prayer that we can pray in this season is: THY KINGDOM COME THY WILL BE DONE and let God have His way.
2020 has been a year of growth and standing in faith for everyone. I encourage you as things go forward to keep your focus on Jesus. Strive to keep the peace in your life and in the lives of those you come in contact with. Be patient in Faith with God’s process and keep your Love on. Unity is going to be more important as we move forward in the coming days so I encourage you to lay down any anger and fear you may be feeling and let the Peace of Christ rule in your hearts. Because we are in Christ, we have an endless hope in God’s good plans for us, as a nation and as a people. Keep your focus up onto Him, and rest in His ability to keep you during this season.
In Him,
Mignon Murrell
From Water Into Wine

Prophetic Word: Season of Shifts

Things are shifting! Can you feel it?

I wanted to share a quick word that God has been giving me about the season we are moving into. First, we need to remember that God truly loves His children and hears their every prayer. He is never slow in answering us in fact, His timing is actually always on-time!

Many of you may recall that I mentioned in my Video Word back in July that God is in the process of Restoring the Foundations – The Foundations in our country, in the Church and in our personal lives. This is one of the reasons why we are seeing so much upheaval right now. God is in the process of revealing the demonic hidden agendas that have been going on for years, the plans of the enemy for the future and is bringing judgment to these areas.

You can see the Video of the Prophetic Sign and Word on how God is beginning to restore the Foundations here:

The Lord has showed me that we are currently moving into a season of shifts and shifting. These “shifts” are going to be on a National and personal level. This season of shifts is going to last all year long as different areas of “life” are affected. The Lord gave me Isaiah 35 for where we are heading:

Strengthen the weak hands,     and make firm the feeble knees. Say to those who have an anxious heart,     “Be strong; fear not! Behold, your God     will come with vengeance, with the recompense of God.     He will come and save you.”
Then the eyes of the blind shall be opened,     and the ears of the deaf unstopped;
For waters break forth in the wilderness,
    and streams in the desert; the burning sand shall become a pool,     and the thirsty ground springs of water;

And a highway shall be there,     and it shall be called the Way of Holiness; the unclean shall not pass over it.     It shall belong to those who walk on the way;     even if they are fools, they shall not go astray.[a] No lion shall be there,     nor shall any ravenous beast come up on it; they shall not be found there,     but the redeemed shall walk there. 10 And the ransomed of the Lord shall return     and come to Zion with singing; everlasting joy shall be upon their heads;     they shall obtain gladness and joy,     and sorrow and sighing shall flee away.

The next 3-5 months are going to be a bit intense as things begin to shift but then we will see things begin to smooth out and line up better for the future. As I stated in past words, God is judging systems and revealing the enemy’s plans behind them. As we head towards the election you can expect to see a rise in violence and manifestations of opposition, as well as some unexpected removals.

People are going to be removed. Some will leave, some will be brought down and some will actually die and go home and it won’t always be whom we think.

This will happen on a national level as well as on a personal level in our lives. God is exposing and removing deception and clearing things out for the future. This is a good thing and will actually turn out to be for our best as the year moves forward.

Back in February when God spoke to me about all that was coming He said that the enemy would try to steal the election and that there would be indictments as part of His judgments against the corrupt systems and their agenda.

We need to pray for those indictments to move forward as they will also reveal much of what has been going on behind the scenes and will work to bring justice to various areas that are in desperate need of change. As we move closer to the election we will see manifestations of the enemy trying to hinder voting ability and ease.

When it comes to this election, there is alot at stake for the future of this Nation. One of the biggest issues and desires of God for our country is to see abortion on-demand finally ended and outlawed. Abortion affects every Race, Religion and Social Class in this country.

God expects
His people to understand the severity of killing multiple generations of His children. This is NOT something He takes lightly and it is going to be a main topic that is focused on in the coming days, weeks, months and years. How we vote in this election will directly affect this issue.

The Lawlessness we are seeing is going to get a bit worse before it gets better and is finally dealt with as hidden agendas are revealed. This will require us to be patient and to stand in prayer for our
Nation, cities, neighborhoods and families as we move through the next several pivotal months. God hears every prayer and is not deaf to our cries. He will act on our behalf so now is not the time to give up, grow cynical or give into weariness.

We will also see shifts personally as we move through this next year. As I have said before, even in the midst of everything that has been occurring, it is a time to build in your life. Build on the God given ideas and dreams that you have been given. You will see many things start to move faster and bloom quickly as we head into this new season.

Because shifts involve changing of positions in life, it is important that we don’t resist what God wants to remove and bring in this season of our personal lives. If we arrest the confusion and fear the enemy is wanting to bring and submit to the Holy Spirit’s leading in this season, we will see things line up for our good and the changes in our personal lives will flow more smoothly.

We are also going to begin to see more of the Outpourings that I and several other prophetic people have been speaking about as we move forward throughout the year.

The Church in America is a powerhouse that is finally waking up to her true call. She has been in a season of refining and transition out of religion into more of the Kingdom and will be a light to those in the darkness long after this season of transition has ended. She will be a beautiful bride of Christ who is not only holy but is also and a strong force to be reckoned with.

In Short, this is not a season to fear – it is a season to keep your eyes up onto Jesus, remaining in His peace as you continue to pray and move forward doing the right thing.

st, 2020

Word For You about what is coming…

Back in early February the Lord told me the market was going to fall and that an attack on the economy was going to take place. This was going to be done in hopes of disrupting the coming election so that those behind the attack could gain more control and to create mass fear. The enemy was doing this because he wants to change the times and seasons. I did not share this information then because I actually thought we were further out to it happening and was hopeful prayer would mitigate some of this. I also did not know the attack would be in the form of a virus.  

Out of everything He told me the biggest thing He said at that time was that we would all be ok, that He had us and would be working in our lives during this season to provide. He said a lot of what was occurring in the shadows was going to start coming out and being made visible.  This is currently what we are seeing.

Last week, The Lord spoke to me about what was still to come and I want to focus on that and share what He has said. The first thing God wants you to know is that you can TRUST Him to carry and your family during this time. His Grace is sufficient for ALL your needs.
The enemy has released a lot of fear into the atmosphere. Fear is His main weapon at the moment and that fear coupled with rising human emotions has worked to create more panic across the board. Fear in the atmosphere, nightmares, increased stress and short tempers- all of this is a part of the enemy’s plan to keep us off balance and from hearing what God wants to say to us currently for our personal lives. 
God says to Rest - physically, mentally and emotionally - Focus on resting in Him and let His Perfect love begin to remove the fear that is trying to steal your joy and peace. He is and will be everything you need at the time you need it. You have to have Rest if you are going to be able to maintain during this season.

The verse He gave me was Joshua 1:9:
Have not I commanded you? Be strong, vigorous, and very courageous. Be not afraid, neither be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.

The more you take time to turn off the noise and rest, either alone or with family, doing things that allow you some space for perspective, the easier and faster you will be able to connect with God and receive what He has for you. Spend time with God and take time to rest your mind. God has all the strategy and peace that you need.

You can expect it to get a little more intense for these next few Months so you will need to be in a place of rest and peace so you can better navigate what comes.

Peace is not just a feeling, it is a weapon against the storm, the enemy and anything that tries to come against you or your family.
Jesus Christ is the Prince of Peace and when He was confronted with the storm He released peace to calm the waves. As Christians, we carry His gift of Peace and have authority over the atmosphere and we can also release peace to calm the waves but we have to be in a place of rest in order for God’s peace to flow through us.
God is doing a lot of work right now in bringing families, neighborhoods and communities together. It is a time for us to shine, in our own neck of the woods as they say here in the South. Being a carrier of God’s peace will help you to do this more effectively. 
Even though things seem very constricted right now, this will end and we will begin to see things open back up very quickly as we head into the summertime. The enemy will try to keep things on lockdown but it will not be successful.

WAVE of Momentum

Starting in the summertime There is going to be a wave of momentum that is released across the board for your life- in business, finances, work, creativity and family life. God is going to use this wave to reveal hidden agendas, remove things that need to go and bring outpourings of His glory. There will be a release of new understanding and a cry to do things differently. Momentum means force and speed of movement of an object or a course of events.

The stock market will go back up and doors are going to open that you did not expect.  We need to be more expectant of this wave of momentum coming because God wants us to take advantage of it and Ride the Wave– Just like a wave in the ocean, you will either take advantage of it by getting on top of it to ride it or you get sucked under , bashed around and miss it. 

Again, this is why it is so important right now to be in a place to hear the Lord for yourself so you can get the strategy for the coming season.

On a personal note, I am in the process of selling and moving into a new home and have seen that even though it feels like we all may have slowed down, God is still moving areas of our lives forward. This is to give us hope that things will not stay as they currently are. If things feel like they are in upheaval right now, know that it will not last-God WILL move you forward. The key is to stay in Him. 
It is my prayer that even as you read these words you will begin to feel His peace coming upon you and your families. God is good. He loves you. Trust Him to help you and to guide you during this time.
Mignon Murrell 
From Water Into Wine 

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