Are you a Seer?

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About the Seer

A Seer Prophet typically receives from God through Visions, Seeing in the spirit and their 5 senses. They operate with a high degree of Discernment though because they are prophets they also carry the ability to actually shift and heal what they encounter. Mature Seers can function in many different ways including:

Seeing through time:
Many real Seers see through time both in the past and the future. On things of the earth and in heaven as well as in a person’s life. An example in Scripture would be Daniel when he saw the future of the 4 different kingdoms that would be coming upon the earth (Daniel chapter 7). The Apostle John in the book of revelations. is also an example of this

Seers see the condition of people & atmospheres:
Mature Seers see, feel and receive the condition of the people and the atmospheres they encounter. They can read people's hearts and see the "inside" of people- their histories, motives, what needs to be dealt with, released, what God is working on etc. their true hearts. They see the conditions of the people that need to be healed- that is actually one of the biggest callings of real mature seers – to be a conduit of healing. They can also sense atmospheres of places they are at and what is typically over the region- depression, fear, lust etc. In fact this is one way many seers function that is misunderstood.

The biggest example would be the Lord Jesus who is widely considered a type of Seer Prophet – Mathew 23:27

“Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You are like whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of the bones of the dead and everything unclean. 28 In the same way, on the outside you appear to people as righteous but on the inside you are full of hypocrisy and wickedness.

Seers record what God is doing:
They also typically record or write down or chronicle what God is doing in a given season in the body of Christ. They tend to often be the ones who know the times and seasons and what God is doing and releasing. Gad the seer who is mentioned in the book of Chronicles was a Seer who recorded Israel’s history with God

Seers see into the Spirit Realm:
Seers see into the spirit realm which means they see what is occurring in the spirit, they see Angels, and demons and often interact with this realm at different times and for God’s specific purposes.
A scriptural example would again be Daniel who saw and spoke with angels in dreams and visions Ezekiel: who was a well known seer because he functioned in strong visions in Chapter 1 of the book of Ezekiel, the Apostle John of course who again dealt with the spirit realm in the book of revelations and the Apostle Paul who also had interactions with the angelic realm in the book of acts as well as the Lord Jesus.

How Seers Receive
Seers receive from God through visions and dreams but also their senses. Because God created us it makes sense that he would enable us to receive Him through all of senses. Receiving in various ways through senses is something that the Holy Spirit builds upon through time with a Seer- sort of like a personal language . As a seer, you can move in all five realms, and because of that, you are more discerning. The enemy is never able to fully shut you down. The prophet can be momentarily blinded, but if the enemy blinds you, you will still be able to hear, smell, taste and feel. If the enemy comes against your feelings, you'll still be able to see, hear, smell and taste. A seer prophecies by all five senses, and so the seers move in stronger discernment.

That is why it is important to have your senses sanctified- and to ask the Holy Spirit what he is trying to convey to you specifically. The biggest thing I want to convey is that you don’t have a gifting alone – you are supposed to be working with the holy spirit in your gift because He is the one who knows how it is supposed to work in your life.

Ways Seers can Receive from God:

  • Taste: Tasting something in the atmosphere, taste if a word is from God or not – example- tasting something bitter can me and that there is a bitter root that needs to be dealt with or if you taste sweet -this can mean something is good from the Lord – ps 34:8- taste and see that the Lord is good – so taste is something the Lord can use to communicate with us.

  • Touch: If something feels a specific way – if you feel hot or cold- It can mean the presence of the demonic or the spirit. Feeling heat can often also be a sign of healing or passion for God.

  • Smell: Aromas of fragrances. God speaks a lot through fragrances we can smell that have meanings. A lot of times you can smell anointing fragrances in certain situations that have meaning like frankincense which can mean healing or intercession or even just more of God’s presence. You can smell aromas of heaven like Roses which typically mean Jesus’s presence or sulfer or rotten eggs which can be the sign of the demonic. Click this link to see a copy of Prophet Bob Jones Aromas List meaning - Bt please note that the Holy Spirit is the one who truly tells us what things actually mean in conjunction with the written word of God. This list should just be used as a supplement to that.

  • Hearing: God speaking to us of course audibly in our ears or within our minds – His direct word to us is one way Seers can receive. Or through sounds that you may hear that no one else does like for instance the sounds of a shofar and or trumpets. if you are hearing these things they all have various meanings and you need to ask the Holy Spirit what are you trying to reveal to me here. Sounds of alarms or knocking- all of these things can have meaning.

  • Seeing: Seers receive through visions either in their minds or external visions like Ezekiel and the Apostle Paul had. You can see visions, Angels, dreams and as far as seeing we have to remember that visions can be largely symbolic so knowing what images mean matters when you are Seer – Images are similar to their meanings in dreams – For example houses represent people or churches- doors represent transitions etc.

  • Emotions/Feelings: You can feel strongholds, emotions, atmospheres, the demonic, the Angelic etc. For instance you can feel anger, anxiety, fear over people and places so you need to learn what is yours and what is someone else's the Lord is trying to show you. You can feel what the other person is feeling that is why it is important for you to sanctify your senses and learn to know what is yours, what isn’t- If you are not clear you will be ineffective.

Because Seers function highly in the discernment realm they can also also discern if something is:

  • From the Holy Spirit
  • Angels or demons and principalities
  • Witchcraft – occult or soulish
  • Human Emotions / Soul Realm
  • Human Spirit

So lots of ways to receive and lots of ways to function and again we are just touching on basics here of what being a Seer is. I speak more on the attributes on being a Seer, the difference between a Seer and Empath and the pitfalls of being a Seer to watch out for on my podcast called - Are you a Seer available
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