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Thank you for your "easy to understand" teaching in all the different areas you cover on your podcasts. I have learned so much already and find I have to keep going back and listen again and again to grasp the truths presented. I love what you said when you stated that we spend so much time seeking the gifts instead of simply spending time with Jesus. Because in Him we find everything. It's all in Him. Bless you Mignon - thank you for being obedient to God's calling on your life."
- P.Watson, BC Canada
Are you living the Full Abundant Life that Jesus promised to give you? Did you know that every Believer has a part to play in the Kingdom of God now here on earth as well as in heaven? Would you like to learn more?

From Water Into Wine with Mignon Murrell is a Christian podcast that discusses the practical and supernatural ways of the Kingdom of God that are relevant to your life. Filled with teachings and interviews, this podcast focuses on teaching Christians how to personally grow closer to God, demonstrating the power of His kingdom through living full abundant lives in Christ. This podcast helps the individual Christian learn how to become the true child of God and disciple of Christ that God has called them to be.

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