Mignon Murrell is an incredible and one-of-a-kind woman. The wisdom in her teaching, counseling, and advice is something everyone needs in their life. She hears the Holy Spirit well, and with intentional care leads many through the most difficult circumstances. Above all else, her relationship with the Lord is the most important thing to her. You can see it in every dimension of her life and through every decision she makes. My life has been greatly impacted by her guidance. Whether you need prayer for a particular situation or need more in-depth mentoring, I highly recommend using Mignon. You will be greatly encouraged and challenged in your journey to access all God has for you.
-Liz C.

Prayer & Mentoring Sessions

For many years, I have prayed with and counseled individuals, professionals, ministry associates and churches who have been in need of wisdom and direction. In this season of change, I have decided to formally offer prayer and mentoring sessions as part of FWIW ministry. Currently I am only taking clients based in the United States.

- Mignon Murrell

To pray with and provide biblical and prophetic guidance, direction and wisdom for personal, professional, business or church growth. Sometimes bringing in a fresh outside perspective can often reveal the places that need adjustments, give vital direction and provide solutions to current challenges. Currently I am only taking clients based in the United States.

Who is this type of "session" good for?
This type of session works best for people who are actively seeking direction on a specific issue or are wanting to grow in their spiritual understanding and walk with God.

Is it Biblical to offer this type of thing?
Throughout biblical history, God used His prophets and prophetic people to:
  • Pray for, guide and give wisdom to kings for the effective ruling of their kingdoms (Prophet Samuel & King David)
  • Create standards and policy for governing over people groups and nations (Moses & Prophet Nehemiah)
  • Identify spiritual and hidden barriers, issues and blockages (Prophets Ezekiel & Elijah)
  • Develop and deliver strategies that won wars, subdued enemies and brought breakthrough (Prophets Elijah & Elisha)
  • Reveal and announce God's future plans (Prophet Isaiah)
  • Encourage, instruct and direct God's people (Moses) & much more.
Today, through the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit, God still uses His prophets & prophetic people to do the same things adapting them to help with the needs and challenges facing modern society.

How does this work?
First we ask you to sign up on the contact form below. Give us an idea of what you are wanting a session for. Then within 24 hours, we will contact you to set up a 30-45 minute Zoom or Skype session to discuss and pray through your issue and give the wisdom we have for you at that time. Currently I am only taking clients based in the United States.

How much does it Cost?
Time is the most valuable asset we have. Due to the volume of requests I receive, I am currently asking for those who are interested to please consider making a small donation for each session that you are requesting. Even small donations have a big impact and are blessing to this ministry.

Why are you asking for a donation and not giving this service for free?

FWIW has many FREE resources on this website site including teachings, videos and podcasts that are all designed to help those who are seeking God to grow closer to Him, discover their gifts, grow in their ability to hear God's voice for themselves, etc.

When you desire a personal one-on-one coaching session with Me, you are asking for me to set aside my time away from my family, job, ministry commitments, etc, to make a personal investment in you with my energy, wisdom and experience. The donation helps to show that you are seriously invested in your own outcome and it helps me to cover my time and expenses, as well.

Some Commonly asked Questions:

Is this a Healing or Deliverance Session?
In general this is not a healing session though if healing and deliverance are needed, we will pray about it with you at that time. Healing does happen but often the Lord will reveal wisdom that a person may need for their particular issue during the session. This can help them move forward easier in obtaining the healing they may need.

Is this a Prophetic or Personal Prophecy Session?

This is a "Prayer and Mentoring Counseling" session in regards to issues you are actively seeking direction about. Prophecy and/or Personal Prophetic words may be released during the session time but the main focus is to help you receive the wise guidance that you need.

Will you interpret my dream?
Dreams are highly personal and symbolic and often God will use imagery that is personal to you. If your issue involves a dream, we will discuss that with you at the time and possible interpretations. We have many free dream resources available to help you in discerning your own dreams on our Dream resources page located here: Dream page

Will you Pray with me and/or for me?
Yes, Prayer will be a big component of our session time.

Do you offer on-going Mentoring Services?
Yes. I offer on-going Mentoring Services to specific individuals, business professionals, those in ministry, etc. After your first session, if you are interested in receiving personal on-going mentoring, I ask you to contact me and I will pray about it and get back to you on the specifics.Currently I am only taking clients based in the United States.

Do you offer consultation or advisory services to Churches and Ministries?
Yes. I offer these types of services to churches and ministries. Please contact me, Mignon Murrell, directly for those services and fees.

Ok, I would like to sign up for a session- What Do I need to do?
1) Click the Box Below for more information

FWIW is not a professional therapy or emotional counseling service. We are a prophetic prayer and mentoring service that deals with a specific area of need. If you need personal therapy or emotional counseling, we encourage you to seek out a licensed Therapy professional in your area.

Prayer & Mentoring Session Sign-Up

How Do I sign up for this?

10 Send an email to mignon@fromwaterintowine.org specifying the day and time that works best for you to set up a Zoom call. Be sure to include a short message of the issue or need you are requesting counseling for. Currently I am only taking clients based in the United States.

2) Then please consider making a "Pay What You Can" Donation at the Donation box below.

3) Once we have received your Request & Donation, we will get back to you within 24 hours to schedule your Zoom call for your session.

Donation for One-Time 30 Minute Prayer & Mentoring Session

We ask that You please consider making a "pay what you can" Donation at the Donation box below. Once we have received your Session Request & Donation, we will get back to you within 24 hours to schedule your Zoom call for your personal session with Mignon Murrell.
For questions and/or speaking inquiries, simply email: info@fromwaterintowine.org