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We created this store as an additional resource for spiritual growth and as support for this ministry. This store offers: eBooks on various Kingdom topics that will help you grow in your faith; Mp3 Downloads of Teachings NOT available on the Podcast, Worship & Soaking Music for your devotional life and fun Christian Products and Gifts. We are adding new items all of the time so be sure to check back often and sign up for our mailing list to get the latest updates! Thanks so much for your Support!
Mignon Murrell

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Soul Transformation eBook

"This book is great for a Christian searching for spiritual clarity on a deeper level out side of mainstream religion. I was able to see areas in my life that needed attention, while it also confirmed my healing in other areas. I love that it partners with the Holy Spirit, to shine  the light on those dark places (so be prepared..lol).I have made the healing exercises and prayers towards the end, a part of my daily spiritual practice. This book is quick but powerful! And I will continue to reference it throughout my personal healing journey. I would recommend this book to anyone with a soul. And that's everyone!-" L. Hyatt

Have you ever stopped and seriously thought about your soul and the part it plays in God's grand design? Did you know that Scripture actually speaks about the different parts of the soul? Do you know that one of the keys to overcoming the enemy is not have anything in common with him in your soul?

In this short guide, Mignon Murrell guides the reader into deeper understanding of exactly what the Soul is, how it works in our lives works and how to conquer and live from a place of victory like Jesus did.

This guide also includes several soul healing exercises that will help the reader apply what they are learning and gain more personal freedom. To read a short excerpt of the book click BOOK EXCERPT

Please NOTE: This is a PDF download that will be available for digital download once it is purchased.
Why The Kingdom Matters: Especially in Difficult Seasons

Do you know why the Kingdom matters in your life?
Especially during difficult seasons?

As a Christian, God has given you access to everything in His kingdom. The issue is that most Christians don’t know what the Kingdom really is or how to access the provision they may currently need. In this Inspiring download, Mignon Murrell shares on exactly what the Kingdom of God is, how it is currently available to all Christians and how to remove the blocks that keep you from accessing it.

Pls Note this is an Mp3 Download that you will have access to download once purchased.
Understanding the Prophetic, Pt. 1- Prophecy & Prophets

Are you wanting to understand exactly what Prophecy really is?
Or how the Prophetic is supposed to function in a Christian's Life?
Ever Wonder if You are called to be a Prophet?

In this exciting download, Understanding the Prophetic, Pt. 1- Prophecy & Prophets. Mignon Murrell goes into detail explaining exactly what Prophecy really is, its function in the Life of a Christian and How to tell you if YOU are called to be a real Prophet.

Part 2 of Understanding the Prophetic- How God Communicates, is available on the From Water Into Wine Podcast here at this link: https://www.fromwaterintowine.org/podcast.html

Pls Note this is an Mp3 Download that you will have access to download once purchased.
A Lifestyle of Rest

Do you struggle with living your life from a place of Rest?

In this revealing teaching, Mignon Murrell discusses how we can overcome the blocks that keep us from living a life of rest and peace in Jesus Christ. This download also includes a short activation to help the listener experience greater peace and freedom.

Pls Note this is an Mp3 Download that you will have access to download once purchased.
Prophetic Soaking CD

Want to grow closer to God during your worship times? Then listen to Bill & Mignon Murrell's Prophetic Soaking Worship CD: Soaking Into His Presence. This CD will uplift your worship and bring peace during your soaking times.

This digital download CD contains 7 original inspired worship songs. To listen to each track individually, simple click here: https://from-water-into-wine.myshopify.com/products/soaking-into-his-presence

Please Note: This is a Digital Download. Once purchased it will take up to 5 minutes for the digital download to be sent to you via email From Water Into Wine. The Link will take you to Single Music (the music download company) where you will be able to quickly download your CD. Happy Listening!

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