From Water Into Wine Videos

These are various Short "From Water Into Wine Videos" of Prophetic Words that God has given to Mignon Murrell as well as Short Kingdom Teachings on topics like Prophecy, Dreams, God's Promises, The Soul, Dealing with Fear and More. We encourage you to join our e-mail list so you can know when we released our latest videos, podcasts, prophecies and more.

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Understanding Your Dreams Series

Sources Of Dreams

Teaching on 3 main Sources of Dreams

Common types of Dreams

The most common types of dreams God can give us as well as typical dreams we can have like flying & falling and what those dreams mean

Common Dream Symbols

Common Dream Symbols & Their meanings

Seer Prophetic Teaching Video Series

What is a Seer?

What is a Seer

Functions of a Seer Prophet

The Functions of a Seer Prophet

How Seers receive from God

This short video covers the different ways that Seers can receive communication from God.

Pitfalls Seers can Face

This short video covers the various Pitfalls Seers can face

Kingdom Keys on Various Topics

Discernment vs Judgment

The gift of Discernment vs. Judgment

Block to Your Healing

Do you know one of the Biggest Blocks to your Healing and Freedom?

Recevie Your Healing

A Prayer exercise that releases Healing

Stuck to Jesus

Are you Stuck to Jesus? Learn to live a Life of Abiding in Him and His promises.

Got Fruit?

A Short Inspiring teaching on the supernatural power of the Fruit of The Spirit

The Holy Spirit

Mignon shares on the Role and functions of the Holy Spirit in a Christian's Life.

Overcoming Fear

Mignon shares a Major Key to overcoming Fear in your life.

Don't Play The Game!

Mignon shares a Major Key to overcoming the enemy when he tries to attack and activate your Soul. For More Information on this subject, chk out her podcast called Soul Talk

How God Communicates

Mignon shares 3 Not so Common ways that God is trying to get our attention. For More Information on this subject, Chk out her podcast called How God Communicates

Is That You God?

Mignon shares a Biblical Key on how to tell that you're hearing the Voice of God for your life. For More Information on this subject, Chk out her podcast called Is God Speaking to Me?

How God's Promises Work

Are you waiting on a promise from God? A Short Video on how God's Promises Work in our Lives

Prophetic Words from Mignon Murrell

Season of Surprises

May 2021 Word on Season of Surprises we are coming into.

FB Live - Truth & Love

March 2021, Truth & Love - What God says about doing Both in this season!

2021: Future Focus

January 2021: Mignon shares an encouraging word of what God has shown her coming in 2021 as well as where our focus needs to be.

Prophetic Word: Season of Shifts

September 2020: A Short Prophetic Word on the Season of Shifts a& what is in store over the next few months.